Beverley Skeete Discoghraphy P-T

Patrice                                    Wriggle and Rock                                                                  Daddy Crusty                                                        2001

Patrice                                    Extra lyrics                                                                               Daddy Crusty                                                        2001

Patrice                                    Sneakers                                                                                    Rubikon                                                                   2002

Patrice                                    Yes or No                                                                                    Rubikon                                                                   2002

Patrice                                    Music                                                                                           Rubikon                                                                   2002

Paula                                       Get Right down To It                                                             Sound Sculpture                                                 1990

Pearson, Toni                       Joy                                                                                                Mushroom                                                              1993

Pearson, Toni                      Looking At you                                                                        Mushroom                                                              1993

Pearson, Toni                      Groovy kind Of love                                                              Mushroom                                                              1993

Pearson, Toni                      Raining In My heart                                                              Mushroom                                                              1996

Pearson, Toni                      Walk Away Lover                                                                   Mushroom                                                              1993

Perception                           Feeling good About Myself                                              Talkin' Loud                                                             1992

Perception                           Guilty                                                                                           Talkin' Loud                                                             1992

Perception                          Fingers To The Bone                                                              Talkin' Loud                                                            1992

Perception                          You Can't Hide Love                                                                Talkin' Loud                                                            1992

Priest, Maxi                        Wild World                                                                                  10 Records                                                              1994

Priest, Maxi                        Close To You                                                                               10 Records                                                              1996

Projection                           Lovestruck                                                                                   Atlantic                                                                   1987

Pulp                                        Bad Cover Version                                                                    Bookers                                                                  2000

Quest                                     Rise Above                                                                                   Island                                                                       1997

Quest                                     Q Man                                                                                             Island                                                                       1997

Quest                                     Our Time                                                                                       Island                                                                       1997

Quinn, Jackie                      Free Our love                                                                              Virgin                                                                       1990

Rampling, Danny             Rhythms Of The World                                                          Cosmack                                                                 1999

Rampling, Danny             Pianohead                                                                                     Sony                                                                        1998

Rawlings, Florencev      Dedicateed To The One I Love                                            Dramatico                                                              2009

Rawlings, Florence        A Fool In Love                                                                              Dramatico                                                             2009

Rawlings, Florence        The Only Woman                                                                       Dramatico                                                             2009

Rawlings, Florence        Wouldn't Treat A Dog                                                              Dramatico                                                             2009

Rawlings, Florence        Wolf Man                                                                                      Dramatico                                                             2009

Rawlings, Florence        Hard To Get                                                                                  Dramatico                                                             2009

Rawlings, Florence        Jump On The Wagon                                                                Dramatico                                                             2009

Rawlings, Florence        Dollar                                                                                              Dramatico                                                             2009

Rawlings, Florence        Riverboat                                                                                      Dramatico                                                             2009

Rawlings, Florence        Fly Like a Butterfly                                                                   Dramatico                                                             2009

Rawlings, Florence        Take Me In Your Arms                                                             Dramatico                                                             2009

Rawlings, Florence         Jane                                                                                                Dramatico                                                              2009

Rawlings, Florence        Can't catch me                                                                           Dramatico                                                              2009

Rawlings, Florence         Love Can Be a Battlefield                                                    Dramatico                                                              2009

Rawlings, Florence         Run Like The Wind                                                                   Dramatico                                                             2009

Reed, Cassandra             Tonight                                                                                           Big Balls                                                                 1999

Reed, Cassandra             Sweet Thing                                                                                 Big Balls                                                                 1999

Reed, Cassandra             Too Big                                                                                             big Balls                                                                1999

Reed, Cassandra             Whatever It Takes                                                                     Big Balls                                                               1999

Rhydian                               Bridge Over troubled Water                                                 Capital Voices                                                    2008

Rhydian                               Prayer                                                                                              Capital voices                                                  2008

Rhydian                                Somewhere                                                                                  Capital Voices                                                   2008

Rozalla                                 Focus Of My Attention                                                            Mikeli                                                                    2000

Rozalla                                 Don't Criticize                                                                              Mikeli                                                                    2000

Rub-A-Dub                        Miracles                                                                                           1st Ave                                                                  1997

Rub-A-Dub                        Don't Pimp Me                                                                               1st Ave                                                                 1997

Rub-A-Dub                        Ancestors                                                                                        1st Ave                                                                 1997

Rub-A-Dub                        I'll Do It                                                                                             1st Ave                                                                  1997

Rutherford, Paul            Deep at The Centre                                                                     Island                                                                   1989

Rutherford, Paul            Half The Picture                                                                           Island                                                                   1989

Ryan, Rebecca                 Help Me make It                                                                           Mayfair                                                                2001

Ryan, Rebecca                 Where Do I Go                                                                                Down Boy                                                           1996

Shalom                                One Day                                                                                            EMI                                                                         1994

Shalom                                Passing By                                                                                      EMI                                                                         1994

Sharkey, Feargal            Right                                                                                                  Virgin                                                                    1989

Silosonic                            Something to Make you Feel Alright                                 Btw                                                                        2007

Silk and Steel                  Doctors Orders                                                                             Strike                                                                    1983

Sinita                                   Naughty Boy                                                                                 Arista                                                                    1993

Simply Red                      Perfect love                                                                                    Simplyred                                                           2002

Skeete, Beverley          You Only Reap what You Sow                                                Jump Cut                                                             1995

Skeete, Beverley          Any Old Sunday                                                                            Jump Cut                                                             1995

Skeete, Beverley          I Found Love                                                                                   Jump Cut                                                            1995

Skeete, Beverley          Pulling Through                                                                           Jump Cut                                                             1995

Skeete, Beverley          Rain Love                                                                                         Jump Cut                                                            1995

Skeete, Beverley          Think                                                                                                  Jump Cut                                                            1995

Skeete, Beverley          Time For Change                                                                          Jump Cut                                                            1995

Skeete, Beverley          Gold                                                                                                    Jump Cut                                                            1995

Skeete, Beverley          I Have A Dream                                                                             Jump Cut                                                            1995

Skeete, Beverley,        That's Entertainment                                                                Jump Cut                                                            1995

Skeete, Beverley,        Redemption Day                                                                          Vocaphone                                                        2005

Skeete, Beverley,        Fool's Game                                                                                    Vocaphone                                                       2005

Skeete, Beverley,        Just For Love                                                                                  Vocaphone                                                       2005

Skeete, Beverley,        Hero Garden                                                                                   Vocaphone                                                       2005

Skeete, Beverley,        Old Fashioned Girl                                                                       Vocaphone                                                      2005

Skeete, Beverley,        What You See                                                                                 Vocaphone                                                      2005

Skeete, Beverley,        Don't Darken My Door                                                               Vocaphone                                                       2005

Skeete, Beverley,        Billy                                                                                                    Vocaphone                                                        2005

Skeete, Beverley,        Reflections                                                                                     Vocaphone                                                        2005

Skeete, Beverley,        In The cold                                                                                       Vocaphone                                                       2005

Skeete, Beverley,        I Count My Blessings                                                                  Vocaphone                                                      2005

Skeete, Beverley,        Red Beret                                                                                         Vocaphone                                                       2005

Skeete, Beverley,        Run Through The Jungle                                                           Vocaphone                                                      2007

Skeete, Beverley,        On The Road Again                                                                      Vocaphone                                                      2007    

Skeete, Beverley,        Born Under A Bad Sign                                                              Vocaphone                                                      2007

Skeete, Beverley,        Unchain My Heart                                                                        Vocaphone                                                      2007

Skeete, Beverley,        Crawling Up A Hill                                                                       Vocaphone                                                       2007

keete, Beverley,           I'm In Love                                                                                       Vocaphone                                                       2007

Skeete, Beverley,        You got me Runnin'                                                                     Vocaphone                                                       2007

Skeete, Beverley,        Heart Of Gold                                                                                 Vocaphone                                                       2007

Skeete, Beverley,        Black magic Woman                                                                   Vocaphone                                                      2007

Skeete, Beverley,        I Don't need No doctor                                                              Vocaphone                                                      2007

Skeete, Beverley,        Midnight Rider                                                                              Vocaphone                                                      2007

Skeete, Beverley,        Helpless                                                                                           Vocaphone                                                      2007

Skeete, Beverley,        It Ain't Easy                                                                                     Vocaphone                                                     2007

Skeete, Beverley,        Ain't no love                                                                                    Vocaphone                                                     2007

Skeete, Beverley,        Too Late                                                                                             Vocaphone                                                    2009

Skeete, Beverley,        A Slice Of Humble Pie                                                                 Vocaphone                                                     2009

Skeete, Beverley,        The World                                                                                         Vocaphone                                                    2009

Skeete, Beverley,        Fallen Angel                                                                                     Vocaphone                                                    2009

Skeete, Beverley,        Take A Walk In Their Shoes                                                      Vocaphone                                                    2009

Skeete, Beverley,        Drink O'Clock                                                                                   Vocaphone                                                    2009

Skeete, Beverley,        The Devil's Own                                                                             Vocaphone                                                    2009

Skeete, Beverley,        I Bruise Easily                                                                                 Vocaphone                                                    2009

Skeete, Beverley,        Do I look Stupid to You ?                                                           Vocaphone                                                    2009

Skeete, Beverley,        Ain't No Other Reason                                                                Vocaphone                                                   2009

Small, Heather             Proud                                                                                                  Arista                                                               1999

Sol Brothers                 Rhythm Of The Night                                                                   Fresh                                                                1996

Sol Brothers                 What Would We Do                                                                      Fresh                                                                1996

Soso                                  Can O Cope                                                                                       Daddy Crusty                                               1998

Soso                                  Shimbalala                                                                                       Daddy Crusty                                              1998

Soup Dragons              Don't Get Down                                                                              Big Life                                                            1994

Soup Dragons              One Way Street                                                                              Big Life                                                            1994

Soup Dragons              Mindless                                                                                            Big Life                                                            1991

Soup Dragons              Mother Funkier                                                                              Big Life                                                            1994

Soup Dragons              The Time is now                                                                             Big Life                                                            1994

Soup Dragons              Sweet Layabout                                                                             Big Life                                                            1991

Soup Dragons              Divine Thing                                                                                     Big Life                                                            1991

Soup Dragons              Getting down                                                                                   Big Life                                                           1991

Soup Dragons              Contact high                                                                                    Big Life                                                            1994

Soup Dragons              Stand Proud Stand Loud                                                            Big Life                                                           1991

Soup Dragons             All Messed Up                                                                                  Big Life                                                           1994

Soup Dragons             Sweet Meat                                                                                       Big Life                                                           1990

Soup Dragons             Let It Glow                                                                                          Big Life                                                           1991

Soup Dragons             Out Of Here                                                                                        Big Life                                                           1994

Soup Dragons             Speed Queen                                                                                     Big Life                                                           1994

Soup Dragons             Pain Killer                                                                                           Big Life                                                           1994

Soup Dragons             Absolute Heaven                                                                            Big Life                                                           1991

Soup Dragons             Pleasure                                                                                              Big Life                                                          1996

Squeeze                         The Day I Get Home                                                                       Reprise                                                          1991

Squeeze                         Crying In My Sleep                                                                         Reprise                                                          1991

Squeeze                         Sunday Street                                                                                  Reprise                                                          1991

Stansfield, Lisa          On The Line                                                                                       Arista                                                              1997

Steark, Henning         Here Comes The rain                                                                   BMG                                                                 1996

Steark, Henning         True Love Travels On a Gravel Road                                    BMG                                                                 1996

Steark, Henning         Common Law Love                                                                       BMG                                                                  1996

Steark, Henning         Little Town Flirt                                                                             BMG                                                                 1996

Steark, Henning         U Got The Look                                                                               BMG                                                                 1996

Steark, Henning          When You say Nothing at All                                                 BMG                                                                  1996

Stevens, Mike              Joy and Pain                                                                                    Jam Today                                                     1990

Stevens, Mike              Precious                                                                                            Jam Today                                                     1990

Stevens, Mike              Set The Spirit Free                                                                       Jam Today                                                     1990

Stevens, Mike              Cool With Your Love                                                                    Jam Today                                                    1990

Stevens, Mike              The Finest One                                                                               Jam Today                                                    1990

Stockbridge, Sara        Lay Down                                                                                       Other                                                               1997

Strike                                I Have Peace                                                                                   Fresh                                                              1996

Strike                                Matinee                                                                                            Strike                                                              1998

Strike                                Peace Of mind                                                                               Fresh                                                               1996

Suede                               She's In Fashion                                                                            Nude                                                                1998

Suggs                               4AM                                                                                                     Warners                                                        1994

Suggs                               She's Gone                                                                                        Warners                                                       1994

Suggs                               Fortune Fish                                                                                    Warners                                                       1994

Suzuki, Ami                   All Night Long                                                                                 Earth Beat                                                   1998

Swing out Sister        Not Gonna change                                                                        Mercury                                                        1994

Swing Out Sister        Where Do I Go                                                                                 Swing Out                                                    2000

Swing Out Sister        Always                                                                                               Mercury                                                        1997

Swing Out Sister        Incomplete Without You                                                           Mercury                                                        1996

Swing Out Sister        Something Out Of This                                                              Mercury                                                        1996

Swing Out Sister        Now You're Not Here                                                                  Mercury                                                        1997

Swing Out Sister        Icy Cold As Winter                                                                       Mercury                                                        1997

Swing Out Sister        Stone Cold Picnic                                                                         Mercury                                                        1996

Swing Out Sister        You Already Know                                                                       Mercury                                                        1996

Swing Out Sister        Joe Meek's Cat                                                                              Mercury                                                         1997

Swing Out Sister        Where The Hell Did I Go Wrong                                            Swing Out                                                    2000

Swing Out Sister        Always                                                                                              Mercury                                                        1991

Swing Out Sister        Shapes and Patterns                                                                 Mercury                                                        1997

Swing Out Sister        Here And Now                                                                               Mercury                                                       1996

Swing Out Sister        I Can Hear You But I Can't See                                               Mercury                                                        1994

Swing Out Sister        Get In Touch With Yourself                                                    Mercury                                                        1994

Swing Out Sister        Am I the Same Girl                                                                      Mercury                                                        1994

Swing Out Sister         Everyday Crime                                                                          Mercury                                                        1994

Sybil                                Whatever Turns You On                                                            Internationa                                              1996

Sybil                                Lonely                                                                                                International                                            1996

Take That                      Never Forget                                                                                  RCA                                                                1995

Teiol, Sonia                  Cairo None                                                                                       Pez                                                                 1999

Terol, Sonia                  Aiscia Chio(pianga)                                                                     Pez                                                                 1999

Terol, Sonia                  Ave Maria                                                                                        Pez                                                                 1999

Texas                              Why I Beleive In You                                                                   Phonogram                                                1991

Texas                              Mothers Heaven                                                                          Phonogram                                                1991

The African Connection             Tell Mandela                                                            Tout Ensemble                                             ?

THQ                                BandSay                                                                                           Greystoke                                                    2001

THQ                                Talk about love                                                                             Greystoke                                                    2001

Turner, TinaI              Will Be There For You                                                                Parlophone                                                  1999

Turner, Tina                Whatever You Want                                                                  Parlophone                                                  1999

Turner, Tina                Talking From The Heart                                                           Parlophone                                                 1999

Two way Street        Walking American                                                                      MCA                                                                1990