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New Selecter album-15th June 2015

Beverley Skeete

Beverley Skeete on the recent European tour..with Bill Wyman.

'Good Times' is The New Album By Beverley Skeete. (Voca 1968).The album includes perfomances from members of the Rhythm Kings including Bill Himself.


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The Selecter announce ‘Subculture’ album and UK tour

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The Selecter announce ‘Subculture’ album and UK tour…

sub•cul•ture, noun “A cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture”

The Selecter have announced a 22-date UK Tour throughout February and March 2015 to celebrate 5 years since their reunion & to support the release of their brand new album ‘Subculture’, released on 30th March.

During the past half-decade, The Selecter, led by their legendary frontwoman Pauline Black, have become increasingly aware that their championing of 2-tone/ska music is firmly rooted outside of today’s mainstream genres (indeed, Ska doesn’t even exist as a music category on iTunes).

Despite this anomaly, with over 110,000 Facebook fans and many more across other social networks, The Selecter’s following is worldwide and they remain figureheads for a wide stratum of subcultures e.g. skinheads, mods, punks, northern-soulers, and many other groups who similarly define themselves at variance with the status quo.

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'100 Years on' is The New Album From 'NooN'. This album features 12 Original songs in an 'Atmospheric Pop' style. Lush vocal harmonies and ambient soundscapes create a very pleasurable aural experience. The  album was released  8th November.


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'String Theory' By The Selecter Features versions of 'Secret Love' and 'The Avengers Theme' alongside new material  such as the live favourite 'London's Burning' and 'A Prince among Men'. This album was released earlier this year and has proved popular on their USA and European Tours in 2013.


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