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 Neil Pyzer is releasing  a series of Singles. They will be in the form of Ska/Jazz based instrumentals .

The first release will be entitled 'Ich Bin Ein Berliner'. It was inspired by a recent trip to Berlin to play at the Berlin Ska Festival with the Selecter. The tune quotes the famous JFK 'Faux pas' about Jam Dougnuts. The idea is to release the tunes as Downloads initially until there are enough  for a Vinyl album. For a limited period  each track will be freely available as a download from The download page of this site.After that they will be available to download at all good download sites .

'A Long Walk To Harlesden'

Eight Release of the 'Winterska' Project.

More danceable SkaJazzle grooves from the Winterska Project. Download from all good download sites or for a short period-get it free from the download page of this sit3

Release News

'The London Ska'

The Seventh Single is continuing in the Ska groove tradition..But This one is Blazin' !!!


The sixth single from Neil Pyzer is a low down skanking groove.Sidewinder-Ska Grinder.


The Fifth Single from the Winterska project. This ska based Stomper has a surf Ska type of Feel.

'Well Shady'

The Fouth Single is another  Ska/Dance Tune. Inspired by the recent goings -on in the politcal arena.

Release News

'No Crime -No Time'

The Third Single (April 2016) from the Winterska project again features  a Ska based Dancing Mood. The Track honks along nicely with Baritone sax featuring.


The second single (March 2016) is a darker sounding piece. Still maintaining the Ska Dance atmosphere.

'Ich Bin Ein Berliner'

'Ich Bin Ein Berliner' is the first Release (February 2016) from The Neil Pyzer's Winterska Project.You can Buy it From Itunes, amazon CD Baby and all good download stores.

'From The Bush to The Pridelands'

Neil released an album in 2000 entitled 'From The Bush to The Pridelands' on the vocaphone label.

"An intriguing album in which the mysteries of the East are innovatively blended with the full- on fire of the West."- Brian Glasser (contributor to Q magazine,Jazzwise Magazine,HMV Choice Magazine.)

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