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Liberty- By Beverley Skeete is the  latest 12 track release on the Vocaphone label. It contains the hit singles ' Can't do right(for Doing Wrong)' , 'My Heaven' and 'We Need Love'. It features brilliant contributions from Britfunk legend Paul Maclean.


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Liberty-By Beverley Skeete
9.99 GBP

Liberty-Beverley Skeete-CD VERSION


'Good Times' is The New Album By Beverley Skeete. (Voca 1968). This is scheduled for release 28th October 2013.This will co-incide with The Rhythm Kings U.K Tour which starts Mon 28th  October 2013 At Dartford.The album includes perfomances from members of the Rhythm Kings including Bill Himself.


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Good Times
9.99 GBP

Beverley Skeete- Good Times CD Version

VOCA 1968

VOCA 1960- 'Hero Garden'- Beverley Skeete (2005)CD

 12 songs written by Beverley exploring her love for country/rock Americana. It includes contributions from members of the 'Rhythm Kings. Martin Taylor (gtr) Graham Broad (drums) and Terry Taylor (slide guitar).


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Hero Garden
9.99 GBP

Beverley Skeete- Hero Garden CD Version

VOCA 1960

VOCA 1961-'Unchained'-Beverley Skeete (2007)CD


A 14 Track Cd featuring Beverley's Interpretation of Classic Blues and Rock Songs. Includes 'Run Through The Jungle' , Born under A Bad Sign' and Heart of Gold'. It Again features Terry Taylor from the rhythm kings on Slide Guitar.


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9.99 GBP

Beverley Skeete- Unchained CD Version

VOCA 1961

VOCA 1963-'Woman Got Soul'- Beverley Skeete (2009)CD


10 Original songs showcasing Beverley's distinctive vocal style. Contributions Again from Terry Taylor (slide Guitar) and Nick Payne (harmonica).


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Woman Goit Soul
9.99 GBP

Beverley Skeete- 'Woman Got Soul' CD Version

VOCA 1963

VOCA 1001-'Personal'- Beverley Skeete (2011) 10" Vinyl.


A Four Track 10" Limited Edition Vinyl Release From Beverley Featuring Three Covers and an Original Song.

Tracks are 'Start me up', Personal Jesus' Hey tonight' and 'I wanna Fall Out Of Love'.


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9.99 GBP

Beverley Skeete- 'Personal' -10" vinyl version

VOCA 1001

'100 Years on' is The New Album From 'NooN'. This album features 12 Original songs in an 'Atmospheric Pop' style. Lush vocal harmonies and ambient soundscapes create a very pleasurable aural experience. The Release Date For This album is 8th November.


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100 years on
9.99 GBP

100 years on- Noon CD Version

VOCA 1967

VOCA 1958- 'From the Bush to The Pridelands'- Neil Pyzer.(2001)CD

"An intriguing album in which the mysteries of the East are innovatively blended with the full- on fire of the West."- Brian Glasser (contributor to Q magazine,Jazzwise Magazine,HMV Choice Magazine.)


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From The Bush to The Pridelands
9.99 GBP

From The Bush To The Pridelands CD Version

VOCA 1958
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